Proceedings of ICHEP 2002 have been published by Elsevier Science.

Plenary Sessions: Nucl. Phys. B. (Proc. Suppl.) Vol. 117. (April 2003)
Parallel Sessions: ISBN 0 444 51343 4

ICHEP 2002 participants have received a CD.
May 15, 2003: Proceedings have been published.
Sept. 30, 2002: A selection of photo's taken at ICHEP 2002.
August 1, 2002: For transparancies of talks: see the program.

ICHEP Conference Amsterdam
24-31 July 2002

[ICHEP 2002 poster]

Ever since its start in Rochester 51 years ago,
this biennial conference has played a unique role for high-energy physics.
It has been the central occasion where the status of the field is assessed,
important new results are announced and future directions are discussed.